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Jack Andrews
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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Haflinger CAN 3442 -[CAN]3442- OLIVIA OF SUNSET RIDGE JWA Mare 2020-03-14
Haflinger CAN 3407 -[CAN]3407- CHARLIE OF SUNSET RIDGE JWA Mare 2019-06-09
Haflinger CAN 3403 -[CAN]3403- WINDSOR OF SUNSET RIDGE JWA Stallion 2018-02-22
Haflinger CAN 3333 -[CAN]3333- COLLESA'S NOBLE ANNIE JWA Mare 2016-05-13
Haflinger CAN 3342 -[CAN]3342- O-U-GIRL RLM Mare 2016-04-18
Haflinger CAN 3338 -[CAN]3338- BRIANNA LTC Mare 2014-03-14
Haflinger CAN 3234 -[CAN]3234- NOBLE CAPTAIN JWA Stallion 2013-03-15
Haflinger CAN 3356 -[CAN]3356- CHARM OF SUNSET RIDGE Mare 2012-03-28
Haflinger CAN 3232 -[CAN]3232- NOBLE CHIEF JWA Gelding 2012-03-08
Haflinger CAN 3227 -[CAN]3227- NOBLE DALE JWA Gelding 2011-04-01
Haflinger CAN 3007 -[CAN]3007- NOBLE KING JWA Gelding 2009-06-20
Haflinger USA 25821 -[USA]25821- DEBBRA KAY MRM Mare 2005-03-22