Progeny of -

CRESTA M & M -[CAN]2415- Mare/Jument Haflinger

DEEP FAITH OF HAF-MOR -[CAN]3290- Mare/jument Haflinger

DIAMOND OF HOPE OF HAF-MOR -[CAN]3289- Mare/jument Haflinger

MELBA'S SURPRISE OF HAF-MOR -[CAN]2938- Mare/jument Haflinger

MOLLY'S MISCHIEF OF HAF-MOR -[CAN]2803- Mare/Jument Haflinger

MYAH M & M -[CAN]2416- Mare/Jument Haflinger

N*GRAND CANYON OF ONTARIO -[CAN]2831- Gelding/hongre Haflinger

NACHO D.O.B. -[CAN]2495- Stallion/étalon Haflinger

NAUGHTY BY NATURE OF HAF-MOR -[CAN]3037- Gelding/hongre Haflinger

NICE N EASY OF HAF-MOR -[CAN]3036- Gelding/hongre Haflinger

NOBLE LEGEND'S ACTION -[CAN]2320- Gelding/hongre Haflinger

NOBLE'S FASHION'S BOY -[CAN]2488- Stallion/Étalon Haflinger

NOBLE'S LEGEND LEGACEY -[CAN]2489- Stallion/Étalon Haflinger

NOT ABOUT THE MONEY OF HMGA -[CAN]3291- Stallion/Étalon Haflinger

NUGGET OF GOLD -[CAN]2493- Gelding/Hongre Haflinger

READY ACRES NOBLE'S CRACKER -[CAN]2789- Mare/jument Haflinger