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Canadian Connemara Pony Society

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
BALLDON& Connemara Pony 5323597 Don & Sharon Ball Asquith SK CANADA
BRISETTEM Connemara Pony 5421863 Melina Brisette St Thomas QC CANADA
BROWNLOWJ Connemara Pony 5332726 Jennifer Brownlow Duncan BC CANADA
CAREYCHRI Connemara Pony 5323388 Christine Carey Elgin QC CANADA
CLINTONJA Connemara Pony 5323495 Janice Clinton Hudson QC CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Connemara USA M 1100 -[USA]M1100- *BAR S HEATHER Mare
Connemara USA M 1104 -[USA]M1104- *BAR S OCEAN JEWEL Mare
Connemara USA M 1099 -[USA]M1099- *BAR S WIND SONG Mare
Connemara USA S 236 -[USA]S236- *BLAGDON SILVER GILT Stallion
Connemara USA S 630 -[USA]S630- *CANAL CLANCY Stallion
Connemara USA S 517 -[USA]S517- *CANAL LAURINSTON Stallion
Connemara USA S 478 -[USA]S478- *CASTLE BEAU GESTE Stallion
Connemara USA S 416 -[USA]S416- *CHILTERN COLM Stallion
Connemara USA S 417 -[USA]S417- *CHILTERN COPA OF TOWER HILL Stallion
Connemara USA M 656 -[USA]M656- *CIOTOG Mare
Connemara IEA S 440 -[IEA]S440- *CLONKEEHAN DUNLIN Stallion
Connemara USA M 790 -[USA]M790- *CLONKEEHAN TIGER LILY Mare
Connemara USA M 1040 -[USA]M1040- *COCUM COPPELIA OF TOWER HILL Mare
Connemara USA M 1301 -[USA]M1301- *COCUM TWO STAR Mare
Connemara USA S 411 -[USA]S411- *CONNEMARA'S PERSUASION Stallion
Connemara USA S 684 -[USA]S684- *CORAL BOBBY Stallion
Connemara CAN 75 -[CAN]75- *EASTLANDS GLENDEARG Mare 1995-07-05
Connemara USA M 89 -[USA]M89- *ERINBAY Mare
Connemara USA S 666 -[USA]S666- *FAIRYHILL HAWK Stallion 1996-01-01
Connemara USA M 2044 -[USA]M2044- *FAIRYHILL QUEEN Mare
Connemara USA M 44 -[USA]M44- *GLENCARA LADY Mare
Connemara IEA M 3884 -[IEA]M3884- *GLENLO BESS Mare
Connemara USA M 1851 -[USA]M1851- *GLENORMISTON AMELIA Mare