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Canadian Fjord Horse Association

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ALLENGARR Fjord 5392267 Garry & Sharon Allen Portland ON CANADA
ALLENJAME Fjord 5398570 James & Annette Allen Viking AB CANADA
ALLENSHAN Fjord 5247543 Shannon Allen Clearwater BC CANADA
AZEVEDOJA Fjord 5413634 Janet Schnurr And/or Acacio Azevedo Allenford ON CANADA
BAKKENALI Fjord 5091393 Miss Alison Bakken Sundre AB CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Microchip ID
Fjord NLD HW 134 -[NLD]HW134-
Fjord US 5 -[US]5- 28 RANCH Mare
Fjord USA BLRB 268 -[USA]BLRB268- A2Z AGNETA Mare
Fjord NLD HA 102 -[NLD]HA102- A2Z THOR Stallion
Fjord USA BLRK 872 -[USA]BLRK872- A2Z THORSON Stallion
Fjord 606 -606- AASE Mare 1988-04-30 7F7E327F0A
Fjord 283 -283- AASE EDEL HEST Mare 1984-05-21
Fjord 1152 -1152- AAURUN'S GOLDEN DUSTY GLENN Gelding 1988-05-11 7F7E345155
Fjord 753 -753- AAURUN'S GOLDEN INGOT Gelding 1987-05-11 7F7E343053
Fjord 751 -751- AAURUN'S GOLDEN NUGGET Gelding 1986-05-29 7F7E35221D
Fjord 1151 -1151- AAURUN'S GOLDEN STEIN Gelding 1990-06-20 7F7E1F4B61
Fjord 752 -752- AAURUN'S GOLDENROD Gelding 1989-06-25 7F7E357304
Fjord NY N 10804 -[NY]N10804- ADA Mare
Fjord CAN 3540 -[CAN]3540- ADELLA MAYSTORM AZEVEDO Mare 2020-05-09 152426400A
Fjord DKA D 469 -[DKA]D469- AISTRUP DYRE Stallion
Fjord DM D 232 -[DM]D232- AISTRUP JARL Stallion
Fjord CAN 3037 -[CAN]3037- ALASKA RANGE GOLDEN NUGGET Mare 2007-06-06 146424391A
Fjord CAN 3039 -[CAN]3039- ALASKA RANGE JONAH Stallion 2006-07-12 145615121A
Fjord CAN 2954 -[CAN]2954- ALASKA RANGE KLONDIKE GOLD Stallion 2005-05-27 145358472A
Fjord CAN 3031 -[CAN]3031- ALASKA RANGE SILVER STAR Mare 2007-04-25 146617315A
Fjord CAN 1716 -[CAN]1716- ALEF BIRGIT III Mare 1997-06-28 414021554C
Fjord CAN 1726 -[CAN]1726- ALEF FREYA Mare 1997-07-04 4140073E1B
Fjord CAN 2568 -[CAN]2568- ALEF FRIEDA Mare 2001-07-30 127163340A
Fjord CAN 2569 -[CAN]2569- ALEF JULIA Mare 2001-07-16 123821623A
Fjord CAN 2565 -[CAN]2565- ALEF KARIN Mare 2000-07-26 126976214A