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Canadian Goat Society

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
4FEUILLES Nubian 5272034 Ferme des 4 Feuilles senc (DEZ) Drummondville QC CANADA
9743065CA Nubian 5421611 9743065 Canada Inc. (SNR) Bécancour QC CANADA
A-MARACRE URG 5291179 A-Mar Acres (MARK) Langley BC CANADA
ABASSHERR Nigerian Dwarf 5423839 Sherry Abas (GMMC) Hodgson MB CANADA
ABBOTTLUL URG 5334722 Lulu Abbott (BMPL) Cobble Hill BC CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Nubian CAN N 69192 -[CAN]N69192- MACHA DE LA VALLEE F 1997-10-31 DLV 15 G
Saanen USA AS 1028165 -[USA]AS1028165- 'R'-GREENTREES DREAM TIME M
Saanen USA AS 924725 -[USA]AS924725- 'R'-GREENTREES GAISHA F
Angora USA 658182 -[USA]658182- *SPECK ANGORAS 2095 F
Angora USA 658291 -[USA]658291- *SPECK ANGORAS 2350 M
Angora USA 658297 -[USA]658297- *SPECK ANGORAS 2352 F
Angora USA 658292 -[USA]658292- *SPECK ANGORAS 2392 M
Angora USA 658303 -[USA]658303- *SPECK ANGORAS 2422 F
Angora USA 658293 -[USA]658293- *SPECK ANGORAS 2593 M
Angora USA 658329 -[USA]658329- *SPECK ANGORAS 2682 F
Angora USA 661104 -[USA]661104- *SPECK ANGORAS 2898 M
Angora USA 660316 -[USA]660316- *SPECK ANGORAS 3055 M
Angora USA 661805 -[USA]661805- *SPECK ANGORAS 3110 F
Angora USA 661841 -[USA]661841- *SPECK ANGORAS 3136 M
Angora USA 661843 -[USA]661843- *SPECK ANGORAS 3214 M
Angora USA 663199 -[USA]663199- *SPECK ANGORAS 3505 M
Angora USA 663267 -[USA]663267- *SPECK ANGORAS 3524 F
Angora USA 663175 -[USA]663175- *SPECK ANGORAS 3749 F
Angora USA 665497 -[USA]665497- *SPECK ANGORAS 3866 M
Angora USA 665483 -[USA]665483- *SPECK ANGORAS 3884 F
Angora USA 668470 -[USA]668470- *SPECK ANGORAS 4503 M
Angora USA 667951 -[USA]667951- *SPECK ANGORAS 4542 M
Angora USA 668872 -[USA]668872- *SPECK ANGORAS 4824 F
Angora USA 671891 -[USA]671891- *SPECK ANGORAS 5551 M
Angora USA 671777 -[USA]671777- *SPECK ANGORAS 5696 F