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Canadian Hackney Society

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
1432870ON Hackney 5268313 1432870 Ontario Inc Schomberg ON CANADA
ABCFARMS Hackney 5197363 A B C Farms Inglewood ON CANADA
ALDERMAND Hackney 850259 Dennis Alderman Arthur ON CANADA
ALDERMANK Hackney 850249 Kenneth Alderman Caledon ON CANADA
ARCHDEKIN Hackney 5410913 Sherri Archdekin Rockwood ON CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Hackney US F 5570 -[US]F5570- 3 OAKS MISTRESS Mare
Hackney F 3213 -F3213- 5 C'S HUMDINGER 1 Mare
Hackney M 1461 -M1461- 5 C'S KING'S DELIGHT Stallion 1948-07-03
Hackney F 3306 -F3306- 5 C'S MIGHT MITE Mare
Hackney F 3215 -F3215- 5 C'S QUEEN OF THE PLAINS Mare
Hackney US F 7014 -[US]F7014- 5 C'S QUEEN PLAINS Mare
Hackney M 2340 -M2340- 5 C'S TOP HAT Stallion
Hackney CAN F 5070 -[CAN]F5070- A BIT OF EBONY Mare 1999-04-10
Hackney USA F 15674 -[USA]F15674- A CONVERSATION PIECE Mare
Hackney US F 11595 -[US]F11595- A LITTLE JOY Mare
Hackney M 3031 -M3031- A M MR GASPARD Stallion 1978-04-19
Hackney M 2903 -M2903- A M PETIT PAGE Stallion 1976-03-06
Hackney M 3272 -M3272- A SHARP Stallion 1976-06-15
Hackney F 4331 -F4331- A SHARP'S FIRST SYMPHONY Mare 1982-03-31
Hackney Z 10103 A.D. Mare
Hackney F 4449 -F4449- ABBY'S BONNIE BRAE Mare 1984-02-11
Hackney US F 8988 -[US]F8988- ABNER'S ADORABILITY Mare
Hackney US F 5369 -[US]F5369- ABNER'S NATIONALITY Mare
Hackney US F 5516 -[US]F5516- ABNER'S SUNBEAM Mare
Hackney M 2778 -M2778- ABNER'S VITALITY Stallion 1954-01-01
Hackney CAN M 4197 -[CAN]M4197- ABOVE & BEYOND Gelding 2000-07-24
Hackney M 2906 -M2906- ABREM OF QSEC FARM Stallion 1975-05-08
Hackney CAN F 5298 -[CAN]F5298- ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Mare 2000-05-30
Hackney F 2573 -F2573- ACCLAMATION Mare
Hackney USA M 10952 -[USA]M10952- ACE CADET Stallion