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Canadian Morgan Horse Association, Inc.

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ABELSTEPH Morgan 5212244 Stephanie Abel AB CANADA
ADRIANCAR Morgan 5423209 Cara Adrian BC CANADA
ALBERTAMO Morgan 5384628 Alberta Morgan Ranch Inc AB CANADA
ANDERSONA Morgan 5210847 Anne-Marie Anderson Lucknow ON CANADA
ANDERSONB Morgan 5358749 Bob Anderson AB CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Morgan KEY 1 -KEY1-
Morgan Z 2550 -Z2550- (BLACK MARE) Mare
Morgan Z 2516 -Z2516- (DARK CHESTNUT MARE) Mare
Morgan CAN 17786 -[CAN]17786- 488 LIMITED EDITION Gelding 2015-05-18
Morgan CAN B 2171 -[CAN]B2171- 5 'J' FLEETFIELD HENRY Gelding 2000-05-06
Morgan CAN B 2169 -[CAN]B2169- 5 'J' KOKNEE MIST Mare 2001-06-17
Morgan CAN B 2170 -[CAN]B2170- 5 'J' SWEET FROST Mare 2000-05-30
Morgan CAN 14096 -[CAN]14096- 7C'S CHRISTIE GEM Mare 2001-06-08
Morgan CAN 13290 -[CAN]13290- 7C'S ROSALYNN Mare 1997-06-01
Morgan B 1421 -B1421- A BANDIT'S WHISPER Mare 1987-05-07
Morgan CAN 12233 -[CAN]12233- A BIG CHESTER Gelding 2000-05-10
Morgan CAN 16279 -[CAN]16279- A C SPENCER Gelding 2009-06-09
Morgan USA 0 138486 -[USA]0138486- A COMMAND FINALE Mare
Morgan CAN B 2152 -[CAN]B2152- A COOL CANADIAN Gelding 2000-07-01
Morgan CAN 14299 -[CAN]14299- A CUT ABOVE Stallion 2004-04-15
Morgan B 1603 -B1603- A DIAMOND'S KNIGHT Gelding 1991-04-29
Morgan B 1604 -B1604- A DIAMOND'S THOR Gelding 1991-05-13
Morgan CAN 11063 -[CAN]11063- A DORA BELLE Mare 1998-05-16
Morgan CAN 11199 -[CAN]11199- A DREAM MOOSE Gelding 1998-04-09
Morgan 6362 -6362- A DREAMER'S GODENRAE Mare 1988-05-03
Morgan CAN B 2562 -[CAN]B2562- A FREEDOM'S PROMISE KEPT Gelding 2015-05-05
Morgan CAN 11912 -[CAN]11912- A LITTLE BIT OF MAGIC Mare 1999-03-28
Morgan B 797 -B797- A LITTLE BONUS Mare
Morgan USA 0 84956 -[USA]084956- A LITTLE NIGHT MAGIC Mare
Morgan CAN B 1945 -[CAN]B1945- A LITTLE SIN FRITZ Gelding 1996-05-24