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Murray Grey International Association

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ALSBAUGHA Murray Grey 5419911 Anthony Alsbaugh (AA) Miami OK U.S.A.
ANDERSONT Murray Grey 5272295 Terry & Rose Anderson (WR) Cameron MO U.S.A.
ANSTINERE Murray Grey 5423580 Reece Anstine (RJA) West Plains MO U.S.A.
ARMSTRONG Murray Grey 5407552 Luke Armstrong (LA) Honey Grove TX U.S.A.
ARMSTRONG Murray Grey 5412988 Jeremy Armstrong (JA) Sumner TX U.S.A.

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date Tattoo
Murray Grey USA 24597 -[USA]24597- 09 AMANDA F
Murray Grey USA 24598 -[USA]24598- 09 HENRY TOO M
Murray Grey USA 24640 -[USA]24640- 09 JACK 1 F
Murray Grey USA 50081 -[USA]50081- 09 THOMSON'S MISS 152 F
Murray Grey USA 29824 -[USA]29824- 09 THOMSON'S MISS C311 F
Murray Grey USA 26771 -[USA]26771- 09 THOMSON'S MISS X3 F
Murray Grey USA 100234 -[USA]100234- 107M AI H DIAMOND MAGIC POWER F
Murray Grey USB 1813 %R-[USB]1813-USA 14'S GIRL F 2007-05-26 LMF 01 T
Murray Grey USB 1815 %R-[USB]1815-USA 14X BTU'S HOPE F 2008-07-18 LMF 03 U
Murray Grey USA 100689 -[USA]100689- 1Y AI RUSH VALLEY BUCKLEY JR M
Murray Grey USA 6603 -[USA]6603- 4-M GRANDEE 106 M
Murray Grey USA 6863 -[USA]6863- 43 MCC MINUTE LADY FLO F
Murray Grey USA 55517 -[USA]55517- 4B CASCADIC MOONBEAM F
Murray Grey USA 58025 -[USA]58025- 4B STATION DOZER M M
Murray Grey USA 33390 -[USA]33390- 4C G103 F 1997-04-06
Murray Grey USA 33391 -[USA]33391- 4C G104 F 1997-04-19
Murray Grey USA 33386 -[USA]33386- 4C G106 F 1997-05-01
Murray Grey USB 93 F PB-[USB]93F-USA 4C LADY BEA F 2000-01-06 CC 01 K
Murray Grey USB 94 F PB-[USB]94F-USA 4C MISS HOPE F 1999-12-22 CC 02 J
Murray Grey USB 95 F PB-[USB]95F-USA 4C MISS STAR F 1999-12-16 CC 01 J
Murray Grey USA 6579 -[USA]6579- 4M GRANDEE 76 M
Murray Grey USA 50045 -[USA]50045- 4U2 GENS DORA LADY F 1998-01-31
Murray Grey USA 50043 -[USA]50043- 4U2 GENS MISS HOLLY F
Murray Grey USB 2129 PB-[USB]2129-USA 4U2 MASTELS MASTERPIECE M 2011-05-21 FWM 01 Y
Murray Grey USA 50050 -[USA]50050- 4U2 SPARKY GENERATOR M 1998-03-07