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North American Peruvian Horse Association

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ABRAMSDEB Peruvian Horse 386939 Deborah L. & Thomas J. Abrams Volcano CA U.S.A.
ADAMSDANE Peruvian Horse 387561 Danell M. Adams Fallbrook CA U.S.A.
AHRASA Peruvian Horse 3810822 Asa Ahr Sunset Valley TX U.S.A.
ALEXANDER Peruvian Horse 384734 Barbara K. Alexander Carson City NV U.S.A.
ALEXANDER Peruvian Horse 387431 James W. Alexander Carson City NV U.S.A.

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Peruvian USB H 21675 -[USB]H21675- Stallion 2003-07-21
Peruvian USB H 22064 -[USB]H22064- Mare 2002-07-28
Peruvian USB H 22100 -[USB]H22100- Gelding 2000-06-12
Peruvian USB H 22104 -[USB]H22104- Mare 2001-04-19
Peruvian USB H 22116 -[USB]H22116- Gelding 2002-04-22
Peruvian USB H 22135 -[USB]H22135- Mare 2004-05-21
Peruvian USB H 22139 -[USB]H22139- Mare 2005-01-20
Peruvian USB H 22149 -[USB]H22149- Gelding 1992-04-24
Peruvian USB H 22154 -[USB]H22154- Mare 1994-06-13
Peruvian USB H 22166 -[USB]H22166- Mare 1994-07-17
Peruvian USB H 22168 -[USB]H22168- Mare 1995-03-05
Peruvian USB 15560 -[USB]15560- #NAME? M 1998-06-24
Peruvian USB 15050 -[USB]15050- #NAME? M 1997-07-17
Peruvian USB 17487 -[USB]17487- #NAME? Mare 1996-05-24
Peruvian USB 17488 -[USB]17488- #NAME? Mare 2000-06-06
Peruvian USB 17489 -[USB]17489- #NAME? Mare 2000-08-06
Peruvian USB 16332 -[USB]16332- *AHT DON JUAN Gelding 1999-09-14
Peruvian USB 25179 -[USB]25179- *AV EL PRESIDENTE Stallion 2008-10-23
Peruvian USB 16432 -[USB]16432- *AV ROMEO Gelding 2000-04-13
Peruvian USB 18244 -[USB]18244- *AV SILVERIO Stallion 1997-08-23
Peruvian USB 8413 -[USB]8413- *AZULA MIA Mare 1971-10-19
Peruvian PER S 4241 -[PER]S4241- *CAPORAL Stallion
Peruvian USB Z 220314 -[USB]Z220314- *CC(PE) LUNATICA-TE Mare
Peruvian USB 10617 -[USB]10617- *CFEB VANIDOSA Mare 1991-01-01
Peruvian USB Z 150282 -[USB]Z150282- *ERM IDOLO Stallion