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Canadian Percheron Association

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ABREYGLEN Percheron 5086233 Glen & M Leona Abrey Red Deer County AB CANADA
ACHESONRO Percheron 5274783 Robbie & Kelly Acheson Wilmot NB CANADA
ACHESONRO Percheron 5426778 Robbie Acheson Wilmot NB CANADA
ACKLESGAR Percheron 5351722 Gary Ackles Dawson Creek BC CANADA
ACKLESKAT Percheron 5173140 Kathy Ackles Dawson Creek BC CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Percheron US 255183 -[US]255183- (K) ANNETTE'S DEBBIE DEGAS Mare
Percheron US 266092 -[US]266092- (K) JOHN Stallion
Percheron US 260243 -[US]260243- (K) LA BOB Stallion
Percheron US 255182 -[US]255182- (K) NELLIE ANN DEGAS Mare
Percheron US 252119 -[US]252119- (K) ROWDY DEGAS, JR Stallion
Percheron CAN M 28214 -[CAN]M28214- 3 ETOILES LINCOLN Stallion 2007-05-27
Percheron CAN F 40133 -[CAN]F40133- 3 ETOILES LINCOLN LINA Mare 2005-04-14
Percheron F 33654 -F33654- 3 L RUBY JOY Mare 1995-04-30
Percheron F 34320 -F34320- 3 L VALLEY VIEW JOSEY Mare 1996-05-12
Percheron CAN F 35363 -[CAN]F35363- 4 ABORD CHAMOMILE Mare 1997-06-14
Percheron CAN F 35362 -[CAN]F35362- 4 ABORD DREAM DOLL Mare 1997-05-31
Percheron CAN F 35361 -[CAN]F35361- 4 ABORD JUNEBUG Mare 1996-06-01
Percheron CAN M 25346 -[CAN]M25346- 4 ABORD LICORICE TOO Stallion 1998-06-01
Percheron CAN F 35930 -[CAN]F35930- 4 ABORD SUNSHINE Mare 1998-06-29
Percheron CAN F 44103 -[CAN]F44103- 4J'S BONNIE COMMANDER BREEA Mare 2013-04-17
Percheron CAN M 29939 -[CAN]M29939- 4J'S BONNIE'S J CHARLIE Stallion 2014-04-24
Percheron CAN F 43343 -[CAN]F43343- 4J'S BONNY K APRIL FOOLS Mare 2011-04-01
Percheron CAN F 42897 -[CAN]F42897- 4J'S FANCY KF EASTER EGGY Mare 2010-04-04
Percheron CAN F 43352 -[CAN]F43352- 4J'S KELLY'S FM JAN Mare 2011-02-05
Percheron CAN F 44749 -[CAN]F44749- 4J'S LACEY J EVA Mare 2016-02-09
Percheron CAN M 30419 -[CAN]M30419- 4J'S LACEY L FLINT Stallion 2017-01-26
Percheron CAN M 30567 -[CAN]M30567- 4J'S LACEY M GADGET Stallion 2018-03-06
Percheron CAN M 30716 -[CAN]M30716- 4J'S LACEY M HANK Stallion 2019-03-17
Percheron CAN M 29955 -[CAN]M29955- 4J'S LYN COMMANDER MILLER Gelding 2013-05-22
Percheron CAN M 30269 -[CAN]M30269- 4J'S MANDY J DOC Gelding 2015-03-03