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Peruvian Horse Association of Canada

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ADAMSONJI Peruvian Horse 5428070 Jill Adamson Okanagan Falls BC CANADA
ANCTILCHR Peruvian Horse 5198855 Chris Anctil Duncan BC CANADA
BARCELONA Peruvian Horse 5404712 Barcelona R Ranch LLC Bunnell FL U.S.A.
BATCHELOR Peruvian Horse 5424164 Bruce & Andrea Batchelor Kenaston SK CANADA
BEARMARIO Peruvian Horse 5224136 Marion & Ron Bear Muskoday SK CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Peruvian USB R 1362 -[USB]R1362-
Peruvian USB M 1778 -[USB]M1778-
Peruvian CAN 2175 -[CAN]2175- *AECH GUADALAJARA F 2002-01-02
Peruvian CAN 2176 -[CAN]2176- *AECH REPLICA F 2007-07-15
Peruvian USA M 833575 -[USA]M833575- *AEG MANONGA F
Peruvian USA M 865248 -[USA]M865248- *AEV AGUA MARINDA DE ELIAS F
Peruvian USB 11556 -[USB]11556- *AEV CANDILEJA F
Peruvian USA S 875611 -[USA]S875611- *AEV HERALDO M
Peruvian US S 823183 -[US]S823183- *AEV ORO NEGRO M
Peruvian USB R 164 -[USB]R164- *AEV REGIONAL M
Peruvian USA M 823352 -[USA]M823352- *AF PASETA F
Peruvian USB 2930 -[USB]2930- *AGUILA F
Peruvian USB 9145 -[USB]9145- *AHT EL CAPEA M
Peruvian PP 3038 -[PP]3038- *ALEJANDRA F
Peruvian PER ASSN 10021 -[PER]ASSN10021- *ALFAJORERA F
Peruvian PP 2013 -[PP]2013- *ALISON F
Peruvian US S 68669 -[US]S68669- *ALTIVO M
Peruvian US M 68644 -[US]M68644- *AMACA F
Peruvian US M 721004 -[US]M721004- *AMAPOLA F
Peruvian USA M 823350 -[USA]M823350- *AMBROSIA F
Peruvian US S 68586 -[US]S68586- *AMIGO FITO M
Peruvian PP 5039 -[PP]5039- *AMOR DE MIS AMORES F
Peruvian PP 1009 -[PP]1009- *ANACITA F
Peruvian PP 2178 -[PP]2178- *ANSIEDAD F
Peruvian US M 782024 -[US]M782024- *ANSIEDAD DE LA BORDA F