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Canadian Pony Society

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ATCHISONL 890017 Mrs L J Atchison Findlay MB CANADA
BACHEREAR Shetland 890090 Earl Bacher Cayuga ON CANADA
BARLEYEVA 890091 Miss Eva Barley Abbotsford BC CANADA
BLACKHOWA 5075468 Est of Howard Black (BL) Guelph ON CANADA
BRITTONJL 890072 J L Britton Aberdeen SK CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date
Shetland 8333 -8333- "LIL" BRITCHES BINGO RED Stallion 1988-11-21
Shetland 8460 -8460- "LIL" BRITCHES ROZ Mare 1989-01-13
Shetland US 73128 A -[US]73128A- "THE ADVERTISER" Stallion
Shetland USA 138977 A -[USA]138977A- 'LIL' BRITCHES JENEFER Mare 1990-03-26
Shetland USA 136116 A -[USA]136116A- 'LIL'BRITCHES RAVEN'SROYALREBA Mare 1985-06-22
Shetland GBR F 2327 -[GBR]F2327- 2327 Mare
Shetland GBR F 3945 -[GBR]F3945- 3945 Mare
Shetland GBR F 4286 -[GBR]F4286- 4286 Mare
Shetland GBR F 4466 -[GBR]F4466- 4466 Mare
Shetland US 140030 A -[US]140030A- AA DIOR Stallion
Shetland CAN 8622 -[CAN]8622- AA FARAH Mare 1995-06-06
Shetland US 137410 A -[US]137410A- AA FLAXENFLAME Mare
Shetland USA 140046 -[USA]140046- AA RED ROBIN Mare 1991-05-17
Shetland US 133894 A -[US]133894A- AA SUGAR DADDY Stallion
Shetland USA 103849 A -[USA]103849A- AAA BLUE CHIP Stallion
Shetland M 31 -M31- AARVAK Stallion
Shetland GBR M 254 -[GBR]M254- ABATURE Stallion
Shetland M 108 -M108- ABEL Stallion
Shetland US 54558 A -[US]54558A- ACE OF DIAMONDS Stallion
Shetland 8282 -8282- ACE OF HEARTS Stallion 1988-05-10
Shetland 3475 -3475- ACE'S LARIGO COLONEL Stallion 1958-04-20
Shetland 8312 -8312- ACTION JACKSON Stallion 1988-07-01
Shetland GBR F 953 -[GBR]F953- ADMIRAL Mare
Shetland M 81 -M81- ADMIRAL M. Stallion 1909-05-03
Shetland M 70 -M70- ADMIRAL NELSON Stallion 1910-08-02