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Canadian Sport Horse Association

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Member Surname Breed Member ID Name City Province/State Country
ALCORNHEL Canadian Sport Horse 5357465 Helga Alcorn Lucan ON CANADA
ALLISONMA Canadian Sport Horse 860071 Mrs Mary T Allison Midhurst ON CANADA
ALLMANCHR Canadian Sport Horse 5408676 Christine Allman Stittsville ON CANADA
ANDERSONA Canadian Sport Horse 5392503 Amber Anderson Norwood ON CANADA
ANDERSONC Canadian Sport Horse 5357245 Cheryl Anderson Nepean ON CANADA

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Breed Country Prefix Number Suffix Registration No. Animal Name Sex Birth Date UELN
Canadian Sport Horse Z 14361
Sport Horse CAN 13516 2000-[CAN]13516- F1 #1 VOLKAVOS Gelding 2000-07-01 124002001351600
Sport Horse CAN AA 13746 2003-[CAN]AA13746- F1 'K' LEIGH F 2003-04-23 124002001374603
Sport Horse CAN 11594 1997-[CAN]11594- F1 'R' KAMEO F 1997-05-10 124002001159497
Sport Horse 7330 1986-7330- F0 (UN) BEERENAUSLESE M 1986-05-05 124002000733086
Thoroughbred Z 18563 -Z18563- * RIBOT M
Thoroughbred Z 16582 -Z16582- *ABBE PIERRE M
Thoroughbred CAN Z 44817 -[CAN]Z44817- *ABONDANCE F
Thoroughbred CAN Z 40800 -[CAN]Z40800- *ARCTIC PRINCE M
Thoroughbred CAN Z 23826 -[CAN]Z23826- *BAGUE AU DOIGT F
Arabian Z 16784 -Z16784- *BAHARR M
Arabian Z 16787 -Z16787- *BANDA F
Thoroughbred Z 20066 -Z20066- *BEAVER STREET 53 F
Oldenburg CAN Z 25863 -[CAN]Z25863- *BESINDA F
Oldenburg CAN Z 25875 -[CAN]Z25875- *BESINDA II F
Thoroughbred CAN Z 24734 -[CAN]Z24734- *CHARLES LE TEMERAIRE M
Thoroughbred Z 14819 -Z14819- *CONFIDENCE II F
Thoroughbred CAN Z 27965 -[CAN]Z27965- *COSQUILLA F
Arabian Z 16788 -Z16788- *CYPR M
Danish Warmblood CAN Z 78271 -[CAN]Z78271- *DIDRIK M
Thoroughbred CAN Z 33258 -[CAN]Z33258- *DONATELLINA 45 F
Thoroughbred Z 20071 -Z20071- *DOUBLE ECLIPSE 47 M
Arabian Z 16786 -Z16786- *EGO M
Thoroughbred Z 14513 -Z14513- *ENDEAVOUR II M
Thoroughbred Z 18225 -Z18225- *GALLANT MAN M