Canadian Belgian Blue Association

Incorporated, Live Stock Pedigree Act, October 1, 1986.

Belgian Blue Beef (BBB) animals are small boned and large bodied with double muscling, a sloping rump, hidden hips, and strong legs. The Belgian Blue is quite robust, docile and healthy.

Belgian Blues produces one of the highest yielding carcasses and a killing out percentage of between 65 and 70 per cent on cross-bred animals. The meat is tender with a minimum coverage of fat, and, from a butcher 's point of view, the Belgian Blue carcass will give more cuts of first class meat and yield a greater percentage of carcass.

Commercial Beef Producers enjoy the benefits of the Belgian Blue as a terminal cross sire. BB Bulls are used extensively on dairy and beef cattle.

Quality breeding stock may be obtained from any of the Members of the Canadian Belgian Blue Association.

The CBBA monitors the registration of progeny through CLRC.

Canadian Belgian Blue Association
Kenneth Miller (Secretary/Treasurer)
Box 392
Avonlea, SK  S0H 0C0


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